The Most Common Questions

The Most Common Questions

In order to ensure a relaxing and pleasant experience at ThaimOut, we've answered some of the questions guests of our studio frequently ask. Reviewing these suggestions will help you prepare for your upcoming visit.

The best way to make a reservation is to call us directly or send us a  WhatsApp or Viber message at:

If you want to book a massage for the same day, that’s the best way to reach us. You can also book through our website but please leave a phone number we can reach to confirm your reservation or to offer an alternative time slot.

We respectfully ask that you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice if you must cancel an appointment. A 48-hour notice is requested for multiple services or package appointments.

Visit us or give us a call. We will show you the world of Thai relaxation and meditation – ThaimOut.

ThaimOut working hours are Mon-Sun 11:00 – 21:00h

We have a double room-room where it is possible for couples and friends to get a massage at the same time.  When you book an appointment, please specify you’d like to reserve the double room.

There are NO expectations or requirements in relation to any of our clients having to provide a tip after a Thai Massage. If you are content with the massage and would like to leave a tip, you can give it to the massage therapist or leave it at reception. 

A good way to describe Thai massage is by imagining that someone is arranging the body into different yoga poses. The massage specialist moves the client’s body through various stretches. The therapist may use their hands, knees, legs, or feet to help manipulate the person’s body into different positions. Traditional Thai massage  is performed on a floor mat and the client wears clothing provided by the studio.

Thai massage is known for its many health benefits including:

  • • stress relief
  • • energy boost
  • • increased mobility
  • • headache relief
  • • muscle relaxation
  • • improved blood and lymph circulation
  • • and many more.

Try to arrive 5 minutes prior your massage. We will get you settled at reception so you can relax and have a cup of special Thai tea. This small ritual will help you prepare for the massage.

Yes! Please report any injuries, surgeries or medical conditions before the massage. We rely on you to inform your therapist of any health conditions that  may affect your massage treatment. You can indicate the level of pressure you want during the massage. The therapist will perform only procedures that are in no way harmful for your health.

During a massage session, many people choose to lay quiet, close their eyes, relax and enjoy the experience. However, there are times when it’s crucially important to provide feedaback during the massage. Please  talk to the theapist in case you feel strong pain, the pressure applied is uncomfortable, you have an injury to report, you feel cold, you need some water, or you’d like to go to the bathroom. Alternatively, you can explain which areas of the body you’d like special attention to be paid to. 

For Traditional Thai massage, we will provide you with a loose-fitting top and bottoms. For any of the massages where oil is used, you will undress to your underwear and we can provide you with a pair of disposable underwear.

You can take a shower after your massage session, although we recommend that you leave the oils and herbal remedies on your skin for at least one hour after the massage for best results.

After a Thai massage keep in mind that muscles and joints have been worked and stretched. After a Thai massage, a person should rest and drink plenty of water. Deep tissue massage is really good for getting the knots out of your muscles, and it can be quite painful for a day or two afterwards. However, you will soon start to feel the benefits, and feel relaxed and at ease again.

People with the following health conditions should consult their doctor before booking a Thai massage:

  • • high blood pressure
  • • osteoporosis
  • • diabetes
  • • heart disease
  • • heart neurological disease

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