“Hot stones” Thai massage


What is the hot stones Thai massage?

The hot stones procedure is a massage therapy that aims to balance the energy of the human body and the energy of nature. Volcanic stones which originate from volcanic lava are used. They have the ability to preserve heat, as well as to take away negative energy out of the body. The energy impact of the volcanic stones and the relaxing effect of the Thai massage balance the bio-flows of the body. After the massage you will feel relaxed and full of energy, so don’t miss the opportunity to give yourself this magical experience.

The benefits of hot stones massage

The therapeutic stones have strong healing power. Placed on the right spots on the body, they increase the blood flow, the lymph flow and the cellular metabolism of the targeted zones, relax the muscles, release the pain and the chronic inflammation processes. The massage with volcanic stones is recommended to people who are under stress, and people suffering from insomnia, muscle and joint pain, arthritis and low blood pressure. This therapy helps with scoliosis (abnormal spinal curves), obesity and metabolic disorders, headache, depression and chronic fatigue syndrome. The massage is not recommended for people affected by: diabetes, high blood pressure, heart conditions, burns and wounds on the skin, menopause.

Improves blood & lymph circulation

Alleviates muscle & joint pain

Scoliosis & arthritis relief

80 minutes
125 BGN

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