ThaimOut “Jetlag package”


What is the Jetlag package?

Do you travel often? Is stress part of your daily life? Are you exhausted? Do you suffer from a constant lack of energy? Especially for you we have selected eastern traditions to help you overcome the negative effects of your busy day and frequent travel. We created the “Jetlag” anti-stress package, which combines massage techniques with essential oils, popular for their healing properties, and an enchanting hot coconut oil head massage. No need to fasten your seat belts, just relax and enjoy the calmness, balance and harmony for the body and soul in first class!


This procedure includes aroma Thai massage with oil of your choosing and hot coconut oil head massage. The oils are relaxing, calming, soothing, energizing and stress-reducing. The Thai massage techniques which include stretching, deep pressure and gliding techniques help to truly revive the body.

Relaxation & stress reduction

Reduces headaches & migraines

Energizes the body

90 minutes
125 BGN

Discover Thailand in the heart of Sofia!

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