Four hand Thai massage


What is the four hands Thai massage?

Four-hand massage is performed simultaneously by two massage therapists on one client. They perform synchronized movements and on different parts of the body. The brain relaxes and stops thinking during this massage simply because it can't process the simultaneous movements on so many parts of the body. This, in turn, leads to complete relaxation and full immersion in the massage.

The benefits of four hands massage

The therapists use warm oils during this procedure while performing synchronized, slow, detailed moves over various sections of the body. This massage ensures equal energy distribution all over the body. The four-hand massage has multiple benefits including complete relaxation of the mind, immune system boosting, deep detoxification, bowel motility, pain relief, posture correction and more,

Improved metabolism

Improved posture

Improved elasticity of tendons, muscles, joints

60 minutes
170 BGN
90 minutes
220 BGN

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