Hair procedure with coconut oil


What is the coconut oil hair procedure?

The coconut hair procedure combines applying warm coconut oil on the scalp and the hair in combination with gentle massage techniques. This procedure includes a light massage with gentle thumb pressure, promoting blood circulation, relieving stress & headaches.

The benefits of the coconut oil hair procedure

Immerse into a real adventure for your hair with our hot coconut oil. Coconut oil nutrients give your hair a shiny appearance and are preventing it from falling out. With the help of Vitamin E and lauric acid, deeply penetrating into the roots, your hair is becoming strong and healthy. The coconut oil is one of the best products for hair maintenance! It promotes the hair growth as your hair gets shiny and softer to the touch after the first procedure!

Hair strengthening

Skin nourishment for the head area

Scalp massage

30 minutes
50 BGN
60 minutes
85 BGN

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