Tok Sen Massage


What is the Ток Sen massage?

Legend says this very special massage technique was born in ancient times and was created by farmers in Thailand. After exhausting physical work during the day, their bodies needed a serious therapy. Having no access to the secrets of Thai massage, they developed their own therapeutic technique and called it Tok Sen. “Tok” means the sound produced by tapping a wooden wedge with a mallet and “Sen” means the energy lines of the body. Tok Sen massage consists of tapping along the body energy channels with a wooden mallet and wooden wedges. This massage provides a combination between the deep vibration produced by the wooden instruments with manual pressure and stretches. The wooden accessories we use during this massage are made of a special tamarind tree, known for its healing properties. The tapping rhythm is constant and staccato.

The benefits of Tok Sen massage

The sound and rhythm of the Tok Sen massage helps to achieve a calm and meditative state during the session. Тhe vibrations created help to balance the energy flow in the body, relieve any myofascial adhesion or other chronic pain disorders. This massage technique has a deep healing property.

Chronic pain relief

Deep healing

Reactivates energy flow

60 minutes
110 BGN
90 minutes
160 BGN

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