Head, neck and shoulder massage


What is the Thai head, neck and shoulders massage?

This kind of massage is a perfect stress and neck-stiffness relief. If you are experiencing aching shoulders, a stiff neck, headaches, poor concentration and eye strain, book this massage to experience an instant relief. You will experience renewed energy capacities and a boosted memory and concentration. This massage combines traditional Thai massage techniques with ancient Indian head massage techniques that stimulate the energy centres known as Chakras.

The benefits of head, neck and shoulders massage

This therapy is especially recommended for you if you work sitting down or at a desk all day. The massage specialist uses a variety of movements including deep massage and compression techniques over the head, neck and shoulder blades. This kind of massage is very beneficial if you suffer from: eyestrain, respiratory system issues, mental and physical stress, headaches, migraines and insomnia.

Headache relief

Improved sleep

Reduction of neck stiffness

30 minutes
50 BGN

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